Briefly about me

Hi there! My name is Nitish and I’m a Digital Marketer by day (Unless working in night shift),  blogger/cinephilia by night, traveller all day and night and this is my website. I live in Delhi, married to beautiful girl recently, and we like Travelling.

I planned to start the website because whenever I go outside Delhi, there is a lot of confusion in what are the places to Visit, what are most famous places and how to plan your time there. A number of websites are available but except 2 sites which are my favourites, all other sites typically write stupid stuff and try to keep the list as long as possible which instead of helping, confuse you. On personally visiting a lot of places, i am trying to write here in the serial order, on the Top being the Must Visit places and going down to the places you can avoid as per the duration of your trip.

I hope you like my writing.

Thanks for visiting and do share your feedback or suggestion to me at if you like or dislike anything.